Robert Heerspink

Rev. Robert Heerspink is a native of west Michigan. He completed his undergraduate studies at Calvin College and holds the degrees of Master of Divinity and Master of Theology from Calvin Theological Seminary. He has also received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Bob was ordained a minister of the Word in the Christian Reformed Church of North America in 1979, and has 26 years of parish experience, having served four churches throughout west Michigan. He was appointed the Director of The Back to God Hour in 2006. Bob has written several resources related to congregational stewardship, including the book, Becoming a Firstfruits Congregation. He is a regular contributor to TODAY, the monthly devotional of The Back to God Hour. Bob is married to Edith (Miedema) and they have three children. His hobbies include reading fictional and historical works, watersports, and occassional golfing.

  • The Question That Changes Everthing

    April 8, 2007

    IN THE GRAVEYARDIn 1994, the city of Longmont, Colorado decided to take a bold step to stamp out morbid street signs. The city council decided to ...

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  • Looking Beyond Appearances

    April 1, 2007

    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF JESUS?He sat in my office and we talked. We talked about the Bible and its teachings he found mystifying. We talked about ...

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  • Making Sense Of Suffering

    March 4, 2007

    THE QUESTION WE LONG TO ANSWERMore than fifty years ago, my mother fell seriously ill to polio. She was hospitalized for six months. For a time, her ...

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  • Good Enough For God?

    February 11, 2007

    GOOD ENOUGH?Can you think of a time when you weren’t good enough? Maybe it was the time you went out for the basketball team in high school. You ...

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  • Beyond Happiness In The New Year

    December 12, 2006

    NEW YEAR’S GREETINGSWhen Mark Twain was once asked what his New Year’s resolution would be for the coming year, he replied, “I’m going to live within ...

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  • The Cross Over Christmas

    December 10, 2006

    IN SEARCH OF REAL LIFEAs Director of the Back to God Hour, it’s my privilege to be part of the team that brings you these radio messages. I want to ...

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  • Out On The Waters

    January 1, 2005

    Are you a member of the tribe of Thomas? That’s how author Doris Betts describes herself and those like her who often find themselves struggling with ...

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