Back to God Hour

Looking at life in light of the Bible, The Back to God Hour® is a 30-minute radio program that explores a Christian perspective on faith and life. Through Biblical messages, you can learn how God's Word changes lives, bringing hope and direction for those struggling in a sometimes dark and confusing world. Your radio hosts are Steven Koster and Pam Klein. Heard on radio stations throughout the United States and Canada, the program can also be heard in at least 12 countries worldwide on more than 40 local stations, and literally anywhere in the world over short-wave radio and the Internet. We would love to hear from you. Contact us to request prayer, sign up for Bible Studies, find a Christian church in your area, or request information on how to become a Christian. Through our website you can also hear current and past messages, download podcasts or printable versions of the radio messages, and read a daily devotional message. The Back to God Hour® radio ministry is part of an international multimedia ministry that proclaims the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ to listeners around the world in nine


Groundwork is a half-hour weekly audio program that digs deeply into scripture as a foundation for our lives. Each week, pastors Dave Bast and Bob Heerspink cultivate our understanding of God's Word by unpacking the richness of the Bible and applying it with insight for today's world. Their casual conversation invites us to hear more of what God is doing in our lives. Combining over 130 years of Christian broadcasting, Groundwork is a joint project from Words of Hope and ReFrame Media, the English ministry of Back to God Ministries International. Dave Bast, President of Words of Hope, and Bob Heerspink, Director of Back to God, together share over 50 years of pastoral ministry. Groundwork brings all this experience to you so that your foundation in scripture cultivated each week.

ReFrame Ministries

The Back To God Hour® is one of many gospel resources produced by ReFrame Ministries. For over 80 years, we have covered the world with an ever-growing electronic media ministry. We beam the message of salvation to all corners of the earth in ten major world languages, using radio, television, the Internet, telecommunications, and the printed page. Ministry leaders, natives to their own language cultures, provide leadership in production of culturally relevant programs and follow-up in order to present Jesus Christ and help people to grow in their faith. Back to God Ministries International is the electronic media ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.